Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kassy's Bridals

I love Kassy's style, very simple, modern and elegant! We had a lot of fun at her bridals! I hope she likes them!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I don't know if I am spelling their name right, and I apologize if I'm not. This was my first band promo, and it was awesome. We went out to the Bonneville Salt Flats, and it is an amazing location! Ideal for this shoot! We didn't have very long, probably less than five minutes because they were also shooting a music video out there. I got a few shots of their video shoot as well. Anyway, here are a few.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Victoria and Joe

What a fun wedding! It was at Soldier Hollow which was amazing. I have never been up there before, and it was just beautiful! There was lots of fun dancing and it was so fun! I love this couple, they were so nice, and Joe is one of the only grooms I've done a wedding with that has danced so much! It was awesome!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Emily's dress is amazing! She is so nice, and her very nice mom was also with her! We laughed a lot which was good! It helped Emily relax a little. It isn't always easy to sit in front of the camera for two hours!!!

Sarah and Matt

These are two of the nicest people ever! They were referred to us by Victoria (noted in a previous post) and I couldn't be happier they decided to go with us! They are very cute together too!

Brandee and Eric

What a fun couple! This was our second attempt at taking their pictures. The original date it was so windy! Luckily we were able to find another day we could do the pictures! And the weather was beautiful!


Victoria is getting married this weekend. I loved her bridals! We took them out at Saltair. I had never been out there before, and beside the mud and stench it was amazing! Plus her flowers were beautiful!

Kassy and Kevin

These two are so easy to take pictures of! They just interacted with each other and made my job so much easier! I loved it!

Ida and Andres

Ida and Andres have such a cute family. They are getting married next month and we took their engagements last week. We are so excited to do this wedding!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kristen and Mike-06-07-08

Saturday June, 07, 2008 was the wedding of Kristen and Mike! It was my first day back to work since having the baby, and hard to be away from him for so long! But it was so fun to get back to what I love doing! This couple is hilarious! They were so fun to just hang out with the whole day. The wedding was very casual (complete opposite from her twin sister's wedding that I did last July) but very classy and beautiful. Congratulations Kristen and Mike!